SIBO Testing

woman sitting and holding her stomach, her digestion symptoms may be from SIBO
Digestive symptoms? Maybe it’s SIBO

What is a SIBO Test?

SIBO Breath tests involve consuming a lactulose or glucose drink to measure the production of hydrogen and methane gases by bacteria in your small intestine. These are produced through fermentation of the lactulose or glucose by your gut bacteria. Lactulose is a synthetic sugar which cannot be absorbed by humans. This enables lactulose to travel the entire length of your small intestine undigested. It helps us to detect SIBO that only occurs in the furthest portion of your small intestine. Glucose is easily absorbed by humans and so it doesn’t reach the end of the small intestine. The concept of SIBO was proposed by Medical Doctor, Dr. Mark Pimental.  

Which Test Should You Do?

Either test has different pros and cons. Both are useful depending on clinical needs. The glucose breath test has a lower rate of false-positive results. It is often used for diagnosing SIBO in the first part of the small intestine. Also, it is good for patients with rapid mouth-to-rectum transit time. The lactulose test is often used to diagnose SIBO further down the small intestine. It is also good for patients with carbohydrate malabsorption. Interpretation of test results for both tests must be considered in conjunction with other factors like how well you stuck to the prep guidelines, your symptoms, and your clinical history.

Signs You Need This Test

The symptoms that indicate the need for SIBO testing include:

What the Test Tells Us:

Whether there is an overgrowth of bacteria in your small intestine that is causing your digestive symptoms.

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