CDSA, CDSA/P, Comprehensive Microbiology, Comprehensive Parasitology Stool Tests

What Do These Stool Tests Check?

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis and Parasitology (CDSA/P)

Evaluates digestion and absorption of meat fibers, plant fibers and fats, gut flora, parasites and your colonic environment, checks for proper enzymes and stomach acid production.

Comprehensive Microbiology

This analysis tests stool for levels of good bacteria, imbalanced bacterial growth, yeast and disease-causing bacteria. The lab also performs sensitivity testing to evaluate the effectiveness of natural products for the treatment of your specific strains of bacteria and yeast.

Comprehensive Parasitology

This test looks for parasites, as well as good bacteria, bad bacteria and yeast. Sensitivity to natural products is also tested.

Signs You Need a Stool Test

The following are signs and symptoms that you may benefit from a stool test:

What it Tells Us:

The information obtained depends on which of these specific tests is ordered. We can learn about whether you are digesting meat, vegetables, and fats properly, whether there is inflammation in your gut, if there is a yeast overgrowth or a bacteria overgrowth, parasites and more.