Intestinal Permeability Assessment for Leaky Gut

woman with gut problems wondering if she has intestinal permeability or leaky gut
Is your gut giving you trouble? There’s a test for that.

How the Intestinal Permeability Test Checks for Leaky Gut:

This test involves ingesting in two sugars, lactulose, and mannitol. Lactulose should not be able to be absorbed through your gut wall. The test then analyzes your urine for the presence of those two sugars. If lactulose is present in your urine, then it has leaked through the gut wall into your blood. It has been carried to your kidneys for excretion through the urine.

Signs You Need This Test:

What it Tells Us:

It identifies “leaky gut” and malabsorption problems.

By Dr. Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor, updated Jan. 4, 2020

Research on the Lactulose-Mannitol Test for Leaky Gut

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