Insomnia or Sleep Difficulties?

woman who can't sleep with insomnia
Suffering from insomnia?


How Can Massage Therapy Help Insomnia?

If you’re having insomnia or difficulty sleeping, regular massage therapy may be just the thing. Massage therapy helps to transition your body out of the stress mode (sympathetic) and into the relaxation mode (parasympathetic). By increasing parasympathetic activity, massage therapy helps you to unwind, relax and sleep. Stressful, busy lifestyles are just not conducive to good sleep.

What Does the Research Say About Massage Therapy for Insomnia?

  • Back massage technique is safe and cost-effective in congestive cardiac failure patients, by which the quality and duration of sleep is improved.
  • Another study shows that family caregivers for patients with cancer can benefit from back massage to improve state anxiety, cortisol level, blood pressure, and heart rate, and sleep quality.
  • Exercise, massage, and acupuncture may be associated with improved sleep quality during pregnancy.
  • Therapeutic massage in postmenopausal women exhibited improvement in symptoms according to the Insomnia Severity Index.

Even if you are not pregnant, postmenopausal, a family caregiver or suffering from congestive cardiac failure, massage therapy helps to relax your nervous system, reduce stress and help you sleep.

Massage Therapy for Sleep Research

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