Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

pic of bandaging a knee post-surgery
Recovery after Surgery

Post-Surgery Massage Therapy

Why Do Massage Therapy Post-Surgery?

After surgery, your body has been through a tremendous amount of stress. Surgery is very traumatic for your body. Using massage therapy helps your immune system to do a better job to heal post-surgery. It also reduces stress and anxiety before and after surgery. Post-surgery, massage therapy significantly reduces pain and post-surgical swelling. It also reduces atrophy and scar tissue. Clients that seem to benefit the most from post-surgery massage therapy treatments include those who have undergone shoulder rotator-cuff surgeries, breast reconstruction post-mastectomy, knee reconstruction, and hip replacement.

What Does the Research Say About Massage Therapy after Surgery?

  • We, therefore, recommend that manual calf massage and passive ankle motion be performed in patients who will undergo total hip arthroplasty if deep vein thrombosis does not exist before the surgery. (Imai, N et al, 2017)
  • The results of this research provide evidence to support the use of relaxation techniques and back massage at bed rest times of patients to decrease pain and anxiety after surgery. (Buyukyilmaz, F et al, 2013)
  • Myofascial massage is a promising treatment to address chronic pain and mobility limitations following breast cancer surgery. (Massingil, J et al, 2018)

By Dr. Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor, updated Jan. 6, 2020

Research on Massage Therapy After Surgery

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